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Restarting w/out permission


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OK thanks for the War, sum interesting things popped up when I did the cache sort out, and I looked up

In Temp Internet files->settings->view objects, discovered a whole load of really suss stuff.......

Removed it all and discovered symatec still had all this stuff running on my computer so I uninstalled that on add/remove programs. It hasnt restarted by itself since yesterday so things r looking up, but it tends to have a spate and then its fine......

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That means that the cache was full or close to it. Tell Mom to do the same on a regular basis. :)

Note: Adding/Removing/Deleting files creates a fragmented hard drive. Use system tools to defrag often.

Becoming a regular Techie arent you beccatigger :rolleyes:

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Sweedie my mum doesnt even understand that u can use an external browser window with AOL, and ur telling me I gotta explain how to clear the cache..............ha ha ha

I'll just do it myself and when I'm @ uni I'll do it when I come home. She don't use the net that much cos I'm always on it

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LOL, why? why? why? why?


No, honestly, I cannot be any more annoying than my sis

she's 9 and she's twice as dyspraxic as me lol

Very naughty child...and she's just as bad w00t

Sum1 told us that calling your daughter Tiffany was like putting the mark of the devil on them, how right they were

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I have had a similar problem, the system would just restart out of the blue, this was due to a setting in my bios that caused the system to do so. But this setting was only supposed to come into effect when the system ran hot, but it did it even when it was cool, changing this setting quickly stopped the restarts.


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I have the same problem with my windows 2000... when i'm in the middle of something just restarts without permission... I buy a new HD and the problem continuous... And i think... It couldn't be the HD What it could it be? The memories... I buy a brand new pair of memories (RAM) and solve the problem... With me... :)

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