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gigabit wired router


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They don't really make routers with gigabit switches for home use because it's kind of pointless. No internet connection for home use exceeds 10 megabit.

What you could do is get yourself a single port router such as the Linksys BEFSR11 and plug it into a gigabit switch such as the Linksys EG005W.

Whatever way you go about it, I HIGHLY recommend you go with Linksys products for home use and Cisco products it you're going commercial.

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that's not completely true... D-Link makes a great consumer gigabit router... the only thing is that it has a wireless AP in it as well. I personally don't use it, but it's received nothing but spectacular reviews. I be suprised if you couldn't turn off the wireless function on it however.


Edit: D-link makes a wired only gigabit router as well:


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I assume you mean static IP from your internet provider. They support PPoE, DHCP, Static IP, and a couple others, I forget. They should have some documentation on their site you can look at that'll list everything, but it's safe to say they support just about anything you would need to get online with it.

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