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Script -- MSXML4 SP2 with latest update for use with HFSLIP


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Well now that this is all sorted out, maybe FDV should update his Win2k SP5 and WinXP/2003 HFSLIP pages to have a link to Tomcat's instructions and command file for how to integrate the latest hotfix to the MSXML4 file?

This is just a suggestion BTW. :whistle:

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Tomcat: And what will I get when I put the msxmlcab and KB887606 files into the HF directory? Will this work or not?

Now I see one possible problem..the original filename of 887606 starts with msxml4sp which means that the file will be processed before the msxmlcab...

Well, I think there's one more thing to improve on HFSLIP: check the processed file versions and use the files with greater version numbers. :-) But this might require to rewrite it in C or so...

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The hotfix would be processed before msxmlcab.exe even if you rename the files because the latter is not a hotfix. The :msxml section is processed after the hotfixes. HFSLIP will have to be modded so it only retains msxml4.dll from the hotfix, and the :msxml section should either be called before the hotfixes or be altered to check for the existence of the newer msxml4.dll in the working folder.

However, international users are still not covered because there's only an English version available of msxmlcab.exe. They need msxml.msi instead. At this point, HFSLIP embeds the SDK when you include msxml.msi. You can change that script section to install only the "viewer", but then what about the people who actually want to have the SDK? TommyP would have to add an additional page at the beginning of HFSLIP asking you what you want to do... "Press A for viewer, B for SDK, or C for both." Can you imagine?

On the other hand, you have to run the script in this thread only once and it's easier to maintain one file. :)

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