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Got Spy Sweeper fix used with XP


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My dad still uses 98SE. He was having a problem with the latest

version of Spy Sweeper ( I relayed the problem to a

computer nerd colleague. He told me that he had the same problem

when he installed Spy Sweeper with XP. He found a solution with

XP, but wasn't sure how to implement the same fix with 98SE.


Here's the problem:

Before the main window opens a dialog box appears stating,

"The Spy Sweeper installation has been damaged. Please

reinstall the product." You can download the latest definitions

update, but as soon as the download completes the error

message appears again.

Under the "Home" button this is what it shows:

Spyware Definitions: Unknown

Defintions Last Update: Unkown

Spyware Protection Details

WARNING: No definitions file loaded


Here's the solution my friend came up with:

1) Click on START




5) scroll down to "Webroot Spysweeper Engine" and RIGHT-CLICK

6) select PROPERTIES

7) click "START" service

Now try opening/launching Spysweeper. It should now work.

IF NOT.....set the "start-up type" to MANUAL, START the service

and try again.


Since you can't follow this procedure with 98SE, I was thinking

that the same steps might be accomplished with a few registry

edits. Can someone show me the way?

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