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WMF patches


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the problem with this particular problem is that the code has not been updated for a long time(no need since it wasn't broke or no new features) so it was still the same, they can't change all the code from each version, vista is still built on the 2k3 code base so some issues with 2k3 with happen with vista unless they fix it in the vista code

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WTF would vista need patches for? Shouldnt they like fix the OS from the inside instead of patching it?! I mean if MS is patching beta software already....sheesh!

I hope to see many, many more patches for Vista while it is in beta.


The more stuff they find and fix now means there are fewer vulnerabilites and bugs when the software is RTM.

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you missed my point. Instead of slapping fixes on shouldnt they be digging into code and fixing it from the code and not applying patches? That would be the best approach because that way you leave no room for error.

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