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Live.com beta

Your page, your content, your Internet - Try it


What it is

Your homepage the way you want it: super clean and super fast, with the content and layout you choose. The weather in your hometown, headlines from across the globe and Web search results for any term you choose—all there the minute you bring up your browser.

What it gives you

• A fast, clean personal homepage

• The latest news from your favorite sources: news, sports, technology, you name it

• E-mail inbox preview

• Password protection of your settings and info

• Coming soon: access to services like instant messaging and PC protection tools

What about this page? Well a clear cut copy from google!!But i liked the idea of gadgets ;) Nice fun tools and useful ones also. Can be turned into a great resource and usefull page. How many of you are using it?

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Ps: alsiladka u forgot one ;)

:no: Did not get you, What did i forget?which service?

*cough*windows live spaces*cough*

they should really make a "windows live" sub-fourm and dump all the windows live sereves into there ;)

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