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Network Programming APIs

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Hi All! Happy Christmas!

I am learning about the different Windows Network Programming APIs, such as WinSocks, Win32 WNet, etc.

I cannot find a lot of info on the Win32 WNet API.

Does anyone know of any documens and papers that explain Win32 WNet API and also other network programming APIs?

Thank you

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Thank you RayOK

There is plenty of information on WinSocks. I have realised that I didn't ask the correct question.

I need to read about the various ways of writing TCP/IP applications for windows. That is, I want to read about different APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for windows network programming. WinSock is one of the APIs. Is this right? What other APIs are there? Where can I find papers and documents describing this?

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Ahh.. then in that case, this MSDN page is the best place to start. I've used Winsock 2 the most (along with a little WinINet for a downloading program). That's why I mentioned Winsock. Covers most everything I need for a communication program via TCP and/or UDP packets. Supports other protocols of course. ;)

Well, that's about it on my side, unless you need some help with Winsock some more :)

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