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Code to load software


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As its states in thhe title I have lost my book with the code to load my office soft ware. Does any one have a idea how to lfind a code or load this soft ware without one. ??

Have you ever loaded this before and what software is it? If you don't mind me asking

Well since its in the OFFICE category, I think he's talking about Flight Simulator ??!! :lol:


And to your question arkabee, no, there is no way to find a code (legally) and you cannot load Office without a code. Trying to obtain a code is up to your responsibility, and quite frankly I don't think many people would help you on this forum to get you a code either. Warez and all that junk are forbidden on this site!

I'm in a very irritable mood :P:angry::lol:

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The reason I asked him if he had installed it before then the code may still be in his registry. Then he could use either "insaneware keyfinder" or even "EVEREST Ultimate Edition" both of which are not free. They do the trick though.

Well I didn't mean anything illegal when I said the above. What I meant was these two programs will find you keys if the program was installed before on the computer provided that they are still in the registry. I use these programs on a daily bases in my computer repair business. You would not believe the people that have the exact same problem that arkabee is having.

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I recently purchased keyfinder command line, and had a couple of questions. We are wanting to use it to get an inventory of product keys across our network. Using the command line:

Keyfinder.exe /u key.txt

This, of course, creates a unique file by adding the machine name to the file, but what I am really needing is a simple delimited text file that can be appended by machines as they run the login script. The output in the file is:

Windows XP key: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 key: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Is it possible to somehow include the machine name? Is it also possible to format the text a bit differently so it can be imported to Excel somehow?

Is there another product that would be easier to get the job done? Really needing inventory before we roll out our VLK, to make sure we have valid keys on all machines.

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