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  1. Every time I try to access file on another computer on my net work I get the error message "lap top not assessable . you may not have permission to use this net work. Contact the administrator to see if you have permission. The net work path was not found I am the administrator The net work used to work fine until I got Satlite internet. since then our town has got DSL. I can see the other compotur on both machines but can not assess them , share files, share printers. I have runed the network set up wizird many times hoping it will work but still no net work. Does any one out there have a fix for this. I have read many fixes but have not found one yet.
  2. As its states in thhe title I have lost my book with the code to load my office soft ware. Does any one have a idea how to lfind a code or load this soft ware without one. ??

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