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WPI 4.3.8 Beta 2 get it here...

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Yet another update.

Is this the one with mritter idea builded in? The changelog isnt clear enough for me. maybe better write something like this:

More improvements to the category selection feature.
Now supports up to 9,999 entries.

Added undo.reg.
Added Commandline support. (Thanks cribban)
Added CDSwitch into the tools folder.
Added Config Lister into the tools folder.

Minor cosmetic changes.

Major re-write of the manual.
Audio Player now closes after installations are complete. (Thanks billjrm)
Transparent .png images are now supported. (Thanks LaptoniC)

Or, make the newest lines bolded or keep it in subcatagory "NEW" till the next version.

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i tested the new version beta 2 and i noticed a problem with the installers created with NSIS, when you try to use the switch /D=path after the switch /S it doesn't work... strange

The problem was not present in the previous beta

With INNO setups there is no problem the /SP- switch and the /DIR switch works great together...

There is also a problem with the msiexec parameters...

I checked the registry, but the command line in runonceex seems to be correct...

THank for the great work... :thumbup

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