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Winamp Stream Buffer?


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I must say a year ago when a friend told me about Nullsoft's Shoutcast, I am now hooked. However, what annoys me is if I have some traffic jam problems, the Winamp stream cuts off to buffer...I am sure everyone has experienced that and especially with Windows Media Player. However, in WMP, one can change the settings for the streaming buffer. As misleading as it is, I think the maximum is 60 seconds, even though I set it to 90. I can care less about how much 'delayed' it is as long as I get a continuous stream.

Is there a way to set the buffer delay in Winamp? I have not and do not see a setting in the options GUI. I did notice a line in the winamp.ini file aptly titled "config_buffer_time" so I am assuming that is it. I set it to 30000 but do not notice a difference at all. It still cuts off to buffer from time to time, which gets annoying since your there jamming to something and it just cuts off. I always thought Winamp needed a GUI setting and found it odd not to have one since it does support live streams.

I tried Googling "config_buffer_time" but I think it may be a new setting, well one that was not documented before this time: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=182606

Anyone with a solution to this problem?

Thanks :hello:

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