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Removing "Manage Your Server" shortcut in the Start Menu

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I seem to have come across a really annoying problem which I've searched the WHOLE web for and can't find the solution.

After installing Windows 2003 Server there is a shortcut to "Manage Your Server" in the Pinned Program List.

Whilst it's VERY easy to right click and remove this (which is what I want) I can't find a way of doing it automatically during the unattended setup or even as a runonce.

I've tried regmon.exe but nothing seems to obviously set this.

Does anyone have any ideas for this?



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Custom your Pinnel list and export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\StartPage.

On your unattended install import the regfile ... (if you run it during T-11 you must change hkey_Current_user to hkey_users\.default ...)


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  • 6 months later...

I also tried this - doesn't work :}

Tried with nLite RC8 which has this listed under the registry tweaks on a Server 2003 OS (which I must say was a great sight) but nLite wont remove it either! Why do Microsoft insist on making life difficult for administrators? I mean, is there an actual reason? Are they satanists, or what? :lol:

EDIT: Sorry ignore this - IT DOES WORK! Nice one Sonic :thumbup

I still maintain, however, that Microsoft are a bunch of satanists. B)

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