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Problem in creating multi boot CD


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Few days ago i download **** Smal lLinux 2.1 Rc1. It just beyound my imagination...

It has very good loock with so many utilities..

After downloading i try to put it into my own customize Multiboot CD using EasyBoot Software....

I extract the boot image file from the CD(Using ISO-Blaster) and put it into my run menue...but there is a problem, when i select the DSL boot menu, it wont boot and Displayes "Image Checksum Error"...


I also try it with "CD Shell 2.1.6" to boot the full ISO file...Now it boot, but after detecting USB, It shows the following massage...

"Can't find KNOPPIX filesystem,sorry Dropping you to a (very limited) shell...."


I also try it with "isolinux" command i CD-Shell...Initially it shows startup menu and then stop responding.


Is there any way to fix this problem....???

Plz help me. :no::no:

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there's a problem when adding knoppix to muiltiboot because knoppix requires certain options included in mkisofs command line, and those options are not compatible with xp, but there is a workaround.

are you using cdimage or mkisofs to compile the iso? with cdimage you need onla to have j1 option included and -iso-level 4 -r if using mkisofs.

i accept i might be wrong because i set up my multiboot cd long age so i dont remember the exact sythax.

EDIT: check this 911cd forum discussion

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