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Just set up wireless, with WPA-PSK encryption.


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Hey guys--

I just set up my first wireless connection in my apartment. The thing with my building is, your laptop will pick up like four or five different unsecure connections at a time. You could piggy-back on to any of these if you wanted. But I wanted a secure connection, so I got my own.

I configured my router for WPA-PSK and then built a profile on my computer. (I followed a tutoral off of Microsoft's website) Now, when I look for wireless networks availible, the half-dozen pop up, with mine, showing up with a big ole lock, saying Secure Wireless Network. You cant get on it without the Pre Set Key.

And while that's great for me. Have I done enough to detour the casual hacker? I know that somebody skilled could do the deed, but for the jokers in my building-- they're not going to be able to get in, right?


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Use MAC address filtering, too.

If your router lets you, there should be something that lists IP address range. If you're only going to have your laptop and one other computer on the network, limit your IP range to 2 addresses. That way no extra IP addresses should be assigned to unwanted guests.

And if you aren't going to let anyone else on your network, try disabling the SSID broadcast. Just make sure you can reconnect to the router!

Hope that is some useful advice....

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Nothing except enabling WPA encryption will protect you.

WEP - too weak, someone can crack it in under 15min.

Disable SSID - Only disables one type of SSID broadcasting. A simple sniffing tool can pick up the SSID fast.

MAC Filtering - A sniffer can pick up the MAC addresses of the computers connected and clone them.

Disable DHCP - The dumbest one of all, one could just assign themselves a static IP.

Just enable WPA and you will be fine.

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