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Why run 98?


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Windows 98/ME is not good OS. Tell me why it installs ot Celeron 300 MHz with 32MB RAM for the same time as a Pentium D 820 with 2x512 MB DDR-2 667 MHz RAM?? Is this NORMAL? 98 should be dead a long time ago (when XP came IMO). Sorry for my bad lang.

That would be due to your hardware configuration. Perhaps different speeds of the harddisks, different HD interface, differing CD-drive speeds (if from a cd), etc.

A cd-rom install will usually be the same on all systems as the install speed is limited to the speed of the cd-drive.

If from the hard-disk however, you'll notice a significant difference in install speeds.My recent system (2.4ghz amd) for example installed a fresh copy of win98 in 4-5 minutes (from install screen to complete install) compared to the usual 30 or so on a real-lowend system.

Might I ask, what difference does it make of how long software takes to install? That's also limited to the installer itself rather than the software itself. You're virtually judging the software by it's packaging rather than the software itself.

Also, in reply to your '98 should be dead long ago' comment... "Newer is not always better".

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