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Windows 2000 change motherboard w/ diff ATAPI


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In XP I'm able to accomplish just that, by pre-planting 3x or 4x generic ATAPI driver files on the system, merge a registry file, then power off. Boot with the new motherboard, and it goes thru the process of detecting and the new ATAPI interface and loading drivers for it.

Does anyone have the necessary .reg file for Windows 2000 to merge with?

I have tried something that I read about on the 911CD forum, but it doesn't seem to work.

Also, does anyone have a working process that can allow you to change the ATAPI drivers offline using DOS or Linux, as oppose to while the OS in question is up and running. on the old motherboard.

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Hi Bravotech,

I'm about to do the same thing myself, on XP I found this googling around which appears to be two version specific reg files.


which sounds like what you've done before.

I normally via create these entries via sysprep to make my xp and w2k installs universal, i can't in this case as its a mates pc. My installs I can swap around disks between any ide controller without issues.

I can post how if your interested



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