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Wifi Reception


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hey there,

i just got myself a WiFi set of 2 x DLink Air Plus ExtremeG and a 3Com OfficeConnect router.

the router is in the 2nd floor and i live in the 3rd floor, and the floor..well heh its like half meter of concrete :x

and im getting really bad reception and transfer rates.

same goes for the computer in the first floor.

now i've wonder if Antenna will fix that problem (stronger signal?), and if it does what kind of antenna

notice that i spend almost all my money on that set so i need something good and cheap :D

Cheers !

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if any of thse computers are desktops, and its not that hard to hardwire them the your router, you could possibly do that just to get better transfer speeds. theres also the extreme solution of adding 3 wireless access points.... one on each floor lol

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