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silent xpize with unattended install, can make royal default?


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I did a silent install. Royal installs fine, but isn't the default. How can I make royal default -- from the xpize installation. I do not want to replace files in my i386 cd folder, I just want xpize to take care of it. is there a reg or batch i can run after the xpize install? i'm using runonceex.cmd.


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Yes, I just found that out. I followed this guide: http://unattended.msfn.org/advanced/cosmetics/theme.htm

But it is still not working.

I saved the theme style to the "themes" folder, then customized the winnt:


CustomDefaultThemeFile = "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\MyTheme.theme"

Finally I copied the shellstyle.dll to


Maybe I have to copy ALL of the files in the "theme" folder over to my CD's "theme"? I will try that when I can...

Please let me know if I missed something -- it's a headache with these repeat installs.




The theme file did copy over properly to the new installation. I just tried to open the theme file, and it makes an error... I'm assuming it's because the new install is missing a theme file... Which one?


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