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Integrate XPize Unattend with WinXP PowerPacker

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Xpize Unattended with Windows XP PowerPacker

OK... to integrate the XPize files to the pack you need to add the command below to your AFTERPACK.BAT file. (More info about AFTERPACK.BAT can be found in the help file.).

We use the AFTERPACK.BAT file because it is executed as the last step of the packing process of this specific pack.

Since XPize edits many specific files with new graphics we want to make sure nothing else puts other files over the XPized ones.

Echo Integrating Xpize Files...

"X:\PowerPacker\Plugins\XPize\XPizev4_MCE.exe" /S /mode=i386 "/source=%CD%\I386" "/dest=%CD%\I386"


Ok here I will explain the command:

1. The blue section is the path and the name of the XPize file you are going to use. This file can be anywhere on your harddrive. I recommend you make a plugins folder in the PowerPackers directory. And make another folder inside of it called XPize. In the XPize folder place the XPizev4_MCE.exe. The reson I recommend this is because in a later version of Windows XP PowerPacker it will have direct support for the XPize file as long as it is in that directory. ;)

2. The red section is the manditory switches you have to have exactly as posted. /S means silent and /mode=i386 means you will be integrating the XPize files to your pack.

3. The green section is pointing to the I386 directory you will be using as the source files. You should use %CD% because that means the current directory where this batch file is run. The PREPACK.BAT file gets run inside of the folder containing the i386 directory for this pack so we add \I386 to the end of it.

4. The purple section is the path to the destination I386 directory. So we basically follow the same as step 3... because our source and destination should be the same. ;)

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