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G'Day fro Oz

Guest scopeit

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G'Day fellow Geeks.

ScopeIT here. Looking forward to discussing the ins and outs of the micro windows world or as i like to call it XP USBkey Edition.

A little bit about me:

Location: Live in Sydney Australia.

Occupation: IT Consultant - 18 years in the industry and have worked in Third level support (Unix/Wintel), System Administration, and currently IT Security (virus remediation and Patch Management) and Wintel Infrastructure Architecture and Design.

Why am I here: Simply, because my laptop hard disk died. Whilst thinking about recovery, and reading about how so many people use "cut-down" windows technology leveraging from their existing software license (very important!).....i decided i would get my hands dirty and experiment a bit with techniques to recover systems. Thats nothing new, but the popularity and convenience of cheap technology like USB disks and keys makes the concept a lot more interesting and challenging.

Cheers and we'll talk soon!!

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