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Drive hangs when viewing through "My Computer"


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I have a few hard drives in my system (4). When I open "My Computer" & choose my "E" drive (which has some MP3's in a sub folder), I do not have the "Music Task" section. The drive runs just fine.

When I choose my "D" drive, the PC hangs & the only difference is that it does have that "Music Task" section. I would like to either disable the Music Task or turn it off for that particular window.

Any ideas on how to disable that feature (it slows my "D" drive down quite a bit)? If I view the drive through Windows Explorer (which doesnt have those helpful menus) it is speedy as can be.




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Some things to try...

Disable the indexing service. Once you have done this, right click on each drive and select properties. Uncheck the box beside "Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching".

When was the last time you defragmented your drive?

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also when you are in d: drive veiw your items in details mode and then right click on the say Artist listing and then you can disable the items you do not want it to display, like Artist, Album Title, Year, Track number, duration, and then you could go futher by selection More...

Hope this is what you are talking about.

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I note from your posting, you do not have an E: drive and your D: drive is your optical drive. This of course means that choosing E will not work at all, how does yours?


  • Tools » Folder Options » General » Tasks
    Click the radio button Use Windows classic folders


  • open an explorer window instead Ctrl+E
    You could even use something like this in the Run dialog
explorer /e,/root,D:

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