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Am working in a company with thousands of desktops and daily 30 - 40 formatting and pc rebuild calls are there, the problem is, when our RIS server goes down, we people go crazy as we have to install OS from the cd and then additional softwares from the network share manually, our ris server takes care of all the softwares installation, i.e., OS+Office+Messenger+Antivirus+Firewall client.

I am using a network boot disk which i got from http://www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/network

Am having 101 NIC dos drivers on the disk.

I want to automate the OS as well as the other mentioned software's installation.

Any help will be appriciated. I can not mess up with any servers here, so gimme client side solution only.

What I want is to just go to user's place start the windows installation and leave the place, everything rest should be installed automatically.


Viral Patadiya

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