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[contest] post your firefox distros


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Some months ago, we used to see custom-built distributions of the firefox browser - containing the browser plus a whole lot of extensions, all built into one single package. But now that excitement seems to have died out.

Now, we have many firefox users here. And many of us are into unattended windows setup. So, it would be nice if the firefox dudes posted their firefox setups - with extensions already integrated - link to download also necessary.

Lets see how many people will post! :thumbup

One of the distros that were nice, was SiMoNsAyS's pack - it was approx 18 MB and contained LOT of extensions too. So if you're reading this, do post up an updated version of that, or whatever it is, that you use currently. Good luck to everyone's distro efforts!

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I would post mine but anyone could create their own in less than a minute using SOF (Silence of the Foxes)!


It's really easy, just download it and within a few clicks youve made a silent firefox install with whatever extensions, themes, bookmarks, settings, you want. :)

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sorry for disturbing u.but posting whole setup (with all extensions,themes,plugins etc) is little heavy job.so if we can backup only our settings ie

general settings,bookmarks,userstyles,extensions,cache etc in a single file,i think it would be great.

so i use mozbackup for that.i create backup weekly once.and if some thing goes wrong with my firefox,i use this tool to get my whole settings back.

this is free and simple.download it from http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/

after backup we can share that file.

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OK i decided id share my custom silent firefox installer. its made using the SOF tool here.

This is a silent installer it needs no switches.



It has only the default theme; bookmarks have been cleaned up.

A couple changes to settings plus the following extensions:

Adblock Filterset.G Updater 0.2.5

AdBlock Plus 0.5.10

All-In-One Sidebar 0.5.6

CuteMenus 0.4


Tab Mix Plus

If you try it please let me know how you like it, if its helpful, and/or if you would like anything added :)

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