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First I want to say thank you for all the great information and wisdom that has been displayed here. I've been reading my way through the forums and the guides, but can't seem to find a direct solution to my problem. Most of my drivers (i.e. sound card=audigy 2 value card, VIA 4in1 drivers, .etc) that I've found to download for my system contain .exe's or .msi's from which to install. How might I go about getting the .inf files so that I can add them to my unattended disc? Thanks for any help!

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a suggestion on the unattended guide is to install them as a guirunonce or runonceex after the main installation

not a very elegant solution perhaps, but the alternative is to get an Ithaca Mag 10 and persuade the driver writers to release infs. May not do your long term prospects much good though........

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hi...this probably isn't the best way ,

but with my external modem drivers..they were in an .exe and i

couldn't figure out how to get at the .inf files

so i installed them normally and went into c:\windows\inf

and then copied all the .inf files that were for the modem

and put them into $OEM$\$$\inf file

well....it worked for me

i even tried it for my vidio drivers and it worked for them too.

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