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Windows XP PowerPacker [Version History]


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I am going to keep track of the complete history of Windows XP PowerPacker in this one thread. ;)



v1.0 RC6.2 - 09-07-05

1. Fixed issue with Extra Root Files and Extra Pack Files not keeping the settings correctly in the ini file. (Not sure how this bug slipped into this version.)

2. Because of the settings not being saved to the ini file correctly the Extra Pack Files and Extra Root files were not being copied over to the destination.

3. The Tri-Pack and the Custom Name Pack checkboxes were not functioning correctly when first opening the gui.

v1.0 RC6.1 - 09-06-05

1. Fixed Screwup I made with the Main Window. It was only a minor bug... but it's fixed now.

v1.0 RC6 - 09-06-05

1. New File Menu that you can find at the top left of the main window. I got rid of the Help and About buttons and put them in the File Menu. Now all of the Options (CheckBoxes) will be found in File>Properties (Except the Custom Pack Name and Tri-Pack checkboxes).

2. I got rid of the ugly picture that was on the right side that made you have to tilt your head and squint your eyes to read it! LOL! I made a new picture and placed it at the top.

3. I have also added an UnDocumented option that you can add to your ini file. This custom option will allow you to tell the Windows XP PowerPacker to do the nesissary things to create a Windows 2003 Pack. But I am gonna leave this at that. I am not going to put any checkbox/option or anything in the gui itself to do this because this is Windows XP PowerPacker and it is not meant to pack Windows 2003 ... Yet. But I am going to begin coding Windows PowerPacker (Instead of Windows XP PowerPacker) soon after Windows XP PowerPacker goes v1.0 Final. Just think of this as a sneak peak into Windows PowerPacker.

To use this new Custom Option all you need to do is add this to your ini file:


The 2k3Version must = L, D, S, A or B.

Any of these letters will do the exact same thing (For now)... but they represent the Windows 2003 IDENT files...

WIN51IL = Small Business server 2003

WIN51ID = Data Center Server 2003

WIN51IA = Enterprise Server 2003

WIN51IS = Standard Server 2003

WIN51IB = Web Server 2003



v1.0 RC5 - 08-17-05

I have extensively re-written most of the code to make it function much better.

1. RC4 had hesitation issues when browsing and selecting things. That is fixed in RC5.

2. I have added a checkbox which allows the user to exclude WIN9XUPG folders from being copied to the destination (To help save a lot of space of your final product if you do not plan on using the winnt32.exe upgrade option... which nobody should use anyways).

3. Also another check box for the user to exclude the LANG folder from being copied to the destination (Which also saves a lot of room and is not needed if you are only going to be using a localized version of WinXP).

4. Also as promised... I made major use of the new powpack.ini file! You now can call PowerPacker_v1.0RC5.exe from a script file using certain parameters and you can actually create your whole entire multiboot disk 100% unattended!!! Completley from the first pack to the last pack... and even have it compile your iso into the destination and name you specify! No more sitting at the computer for hours waiting for every pack to finish so you can start the next pack. Once you have created your script file... and your set of ini files all you will need to do is run your script and leave. Come back later and everything is done! I think I deserve a round of applause for that! You all will never know what I had to do to get this program capable of doing that. (Check the updated help file for more information.)

5. Updated the help file with instructions on how to use the unattended parameters.

6. Added a "Tri-Pack" Checkbox... which will allow a user to quickly create three packs from one source. (Unattended with Driverpacks, Unattended without DriverPacks, and a regular attended pack.)

7. Added a Checkbox called "Custom Pack Name" which will allow a user to choose a four character name to be used as the destination directories and boot files. (**NOTE** when you use this option you have to manually edit the BOOT\cdshell.ini file to add your custom pack to the boot menu.)

8. Many other changes were made... but there are too many to list and remember.

v1.0 RC4.1 - 08-08-05

1. I accidentally compiled the PowerPacker RC4 file the wrong way. I recompiled it the normal way and there is no problem now. Sorry guys.

v1.0 RC4 - 08-07-05

1. Implemented a powpack.ini file to record your settings. This way everytime you open Windows XP PowerPacker it will remember how you had it setup the last time you used it.

2. Progress windows were changed to not always be on top. This way you can still use your computer normally without having Windows XP PowerPacker's windows being in your way as much as before.

3. Fixed some spelling errors.

4. Fixed the problem with WIN51IP and WIN51IC files getting copied over when they weren't needed. If you are creating a Windows XP Professional pack the WIN51IP files will get copied over, and the WIN51IC files will get copied over when you are creating a Windows XP Home pack.

5. More error checking implemented in the "Compile ISO" process. Now a window will pop up stating that you have successfully created your iso. If your iso was not created or ends up being 0 KB in size it will tell you it failed.

v1.0 RC3 - 07-13-05

1. Fixed - When help file is opened I can not use the Main GUI window untill I close the help file.

2. Whenever certain windows are opened by powerpacker the main window will now be disabled so that users can not click on things when they are not supposed to.

v1.0 RC2 - 07-10-05

1. Put a logo on the right side of the gui.

2. Placed Donation buttons in the program so users may donate to support the work on Windows XP PowerPacker. (The wife made me do it! LOL! ;) )

3. Integrated the capability to run custom written .bat scripts at different points of the packing process.

v1.0 RC1 - 07-05-05

This release will be Release Candidate 1. Which means this may be the FULL version... if no bugs are reported.

1. I coded my own Dosnet.inf parser... so now I am no longer using BootFolder.exe. This version should work much better. Now there is so far no problems with createing the Boot Folder because my parser does not car if anything allready exists in the folder or if the file allready exists. It will overwrite if it has to. There should also be no need of MS Framework .net being installed... because that was needed by bootfolder.exe. My parser is completley based off the idea of bootfolder.exe by Nazgul... but my version is made to work better with powerpacker and it's needs. (Nazguls new version seems to be able to overwrite existing files now. So if you want to create a boot folder only... his tool is the best for the job!)

P.S. A huge THANK YOU to moesasji for his patience and beta testing. Without his help I don't think I could have fixed all of these errors so soon.

v1.06 - 06-28-05

1. Fixed a few minor bugs. (None that were harmful... just annoying.)

2. Coded the temp directory a little differently.

3. Added the newest version of BootFolder.exe

v1.05 - 05-24-05

1. Integrated Nazgul's BootFolder.exe file to handle createing the boot directory. This method is much faster and creates a lot less steps. Now you do not need to go through the windows setup process to make the boot folder.

Much thanks to Nazgul!

v1.04 - 05-22-05

1. Fixed problem with Boot directory not copying to the destination sometimes. It should work every time now.

v1.03 - 05-21-05

1. Added Embedded Help File.

2. Added Help File Button.

v1.02 - 05-18-05

Fixed all known bugs.

1. I fixed the window size. It should now fit any resolution that somebody would use.

2. Made PowerPacker Set Attributes on all files to normal.

3. Added features to help make sure users do not point to incorrect directories.

v1.01 - 05-14-05

1. Fixed problem with creating optimised ISO.

2. Added extra files section.

3. Added progressbars.

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