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How to create a Windows 2003 Pack Unattendedly.

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I have added an option that you can add to your ini file. This custom option will allow you to tell the Windows XP PowerPacker to do the nesissary things to create a Windows 2003 Server Pack. I am not going to put any checkbox/option or anything in the gui itself to do this because this is Windows XP PowerPacker and it is not meant to pack Windows 2003 ... Yet. But I am going to begin coding Windows PowerPacker (Instead of Windows XP PowerPacker) soon after Windows XP PowerPacker goes v1.0 Final. Just think of this as a sneak peak into Windows PowerPacker.

To use this new Custom Option all you need to do is add this to your ini file:


The 2k3Version must = L, D, S, A or B.

Any of these letters will do the exact same thing (For now)... but they represent the Windows 2003 IDENT files...

WIN51IL = Small Business server 2003
WIN51ID = Data Center Server 2003
WIN51IA = Enterprise Server 2003
WIN51IS = Standard Server 2003
WIN51IB = Web Server 2003



Anyone who has played around with making a windows 2003 server SP1 multiboot disk knows it is a pain in the butt untill you know what you are doing. This little entrie in Windows XP PowerPacker makes that job simple.

I have tested it with a Custom Pack Name (Which I recommend). You will have to edit BOOT\cdshell.ini manually to show your custom 2003 pack as a menu item. Also you can use the Tri-Pack option... but the DriverPacks may not work 100% And you will be stuck with the names for XP for the folder creation.

For Windows XP Version and Edition... You just select anything.

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