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Winamp 5.1!


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extra! extra! read all about it:

i am awesome.


winamp 5.1 release.

winamp 5.1 bundle emusic plus

winamp 5.1 emusic plus

winamp 5.1 lite

winamp 5.1 pro

Winamp 5.1 Surround Edition

* New: CodingTechnologies AACPlus encoder!

---The MP3 Killer!

---Awesome at low bitrates too!

* New: Grand Prize Winner of the Internet Surround Music Project!

---KAJE - Hey Buddy (featuring Afrika Bambaataa)

* New: SHOUTcast Wire - A Media RSS Browser and Subscription Service

* New: Predixis Smart Playlist Generator

---(Mix your tracks based on what they sound like!)

* New: AOL Radio featuring (((XM))) Free Sampler!

* New: CD Ripping now available at 8x in free version!

* New: Microsoft WMA encoder

* New: Over 200 new Milkdrop presets!

* Update: in_vorbis now returns bitrate in getextendedfileinfo

* Fixed: WMA stuttery playback

* Fixed: out_ds copy button on status tab now works all the time

* Fixed: Much improved ripping and playback with Sonic engine

* Fixed: Video window now resizable regardless of Sidecar

* Fixed: Length of long mp3's now reported properly

* Fixed: Silent install switch now works properly

* Fixed: Simultaneous CD Playback and Ripping

source ;)

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