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iPod shuffle Trouble


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  • 6 months later...

I am having the same problem....I am not as tech savvy as you guys so may need some help in terms of what you exactly did to reformat, etc.

My ipod shuffle works fine at my work. On my laptop at home, it does not even get recognized. I know the ipod works since I've loaded songs onto it from my work computer.

When I plug it into my home laptop, nothing happens, it's as if it is not even connected.

Is it the drivers? apple "support" is clueless and so is toshiba but they did say it could be the driver, bios, etc.

I thought maybe I needed usb 2.0 so I bought a usb 2.0 pc card but when I plug it in there the ipod just flashes green....

I know the usb ports work b/c I've plugged in my cordless mouse sensor in it, etc.

anyone have any idea? this is soooo frustrating!

thanks in advance....

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haven't really got any advice on this, but i was working on a electrical desk a couple of months ago, and this was quite a common problem, all we did was replace them with a new shuffle, sometimes they do that sometimes they don't :blink: just so you know, its not just happing to the odd one or to, it seems to be a common problem! although now its been mentioned that it works fine on the apple computer...can't help but wonder about apples products! we never had one returned ware the customer had a mac...

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