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Intermittant Script error

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I am intermittently getting IE script errors when running XPlode, and have been trying to find the error for a while. Although it is not much of a worry whilst using XPlode in Windows it does happen during an unattended session.

I have recently installed a fresh copy of XP and got the error below at the GUIRunOnce stage. I then rebooted and used the same disc to reinstall again and the process was error free?. The Footer.html is the default one with XPlode but I have modifed the javascript.js to change the text wording on the tags i.e. Error to DOH!, I have not altered the layout.

I have three xml files that run during uA, all using the selected install plugin and they all use the same js, html and exe files and, if the error occurs I can open Task Manager, run XPlode again (whilst keeping the previous exe open) and it runs ok. :} does has anybody had this error or is it my fault somewhere along the line :blushing:



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