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Problems with my win 2000 unattended setup.


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1: Would like to have ie6 installed during windows 2000 installation... any suggestions?

2: Hotfix KB832843 asks for a restart... how can i stop this?

3: would like to know how to change the setup billboard screen.

Im a complete amatuer with this unattended setup business, so go easy on me guys. :D


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What coding have you used in your unattended file for the product key?

you have to be careful with syntax

I think win 2k uses

productID= xxxx-xxxxx-xxx xx-etc

but not 100% sure ( working from memory here)

if that don't work then its the other syntax which my brain cells illude me at the moment

can't access my unattended txt at the moment

hope that helps



productkey = XXX etc is the other option


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Ok here it goes:

1) To install IE6, use the IEAK toolkit to create custom build and copy it into your Install folder. Add a line in cmdlines.txt to launch ie6setup.exe. I do this all the time and it works fine.

2) To stop the hotfix from asking for a reboot, add the following switches to to the command that installs the hotfix, -u -n -z

3) Your product key is probably incorrect, you could be using a retail product key with a volume license set of files or a volume license key with a retail set of files. Check to make sure the product key is appropriate for the type of files you have. Syntax to add to WINNT.SIF is in the deployment document in the deploy.cab on the W2K cd.

4) To change the setup screen you will need to probably hack some files. Check http://unattended.msfn.org in the the Advanced section. Also, I'm sure you know a Google search will turn up some info. as well.

Good luck.

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Used TommyPs batch file to slipstream ie6,sp4,directx9c,wm10.

Then added the genuine (note) product key like so..





One of them made it work, dont no which one, and cba to figure it out!

Also used tommyp to slipstream all hotfixes too. Great program!

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