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3 simple Step to Integrate Your Modifed BOOTScreen


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1)First make your desire bootscreen.(ntoskrnl.exe)

2)Then ModifyPE and Remove SelfCheck Blocks by using SCB_KILL.EXE(Download Link Soon BE Placed or send me mail to get It).

3) Make cab file by using makecab.exe(Run CMD.EXE and type "makecab ntoskrnl.exe") and replace it to i386 Directory.

Now windows setup dont reject your modified ntoskrnl.exe........

Previously it reject due to SelfCheck Block, because it is a MS Protected File...

mail : saugatadatta@gmail.com


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Don't wait for a reply, search the forums, it has been covered many times, and oh.. how can u trust a guy on a public forum that tells you, "mail me, i cand send it" ?? Dont' you ppl have common sense ? Who knows what that file might contain !?

Later Edit :

No offence to the thread starter.

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why don't you just edit all kernel files. I never have problems with that. with or without windows file protection. never get error or anything. and there is no way to replace the file because there are no other files to replace it with.

just my $0.02

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