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Create custom plugins to Windows XP PowerPacker

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If anyone wants to make custom Plugins for Windows XP PowerPacker currently it must be ran from a .bat file. Either the PREPACK.BAT AFTERPACK.BAT PREROOT.BAT or AFTERROOT.BAT. More info on how to use these are in the help file.

Currently that is how you would run a plugin. But in v1.0 RC6 that will change. My idea is to have a "PLUGINS" folder in the same directory as Windows XP PowerPacker's executable. Inside there there will be folders for tools that will have support within WinXP PowerPacker. For instance there will be a "RVM_Integrator" folder that will be used for the new RyanVM Integrator. So far that is the only plugin that will have direct support in WinXPPP. I am also going to get rid of using CDIMAGE.EXE for compiling the iso and move towards using mkisofs.exe. (For legal reaasons.) But there will be a cdimage.exe plugin. Basically all you will have to do is download cdimage.exe and put it in a specified directory. ;) Then WinXPPP will default to use it instead of mkisofs.exe. ;)

There will be a folder inside of the "PLUGINS" folder called "CUSTOM". That is where you would put custom made .exe .bat .cmd .vbs .msi plugins to have them ran at different points of the install. There will probably be an ini file used for asigning switches to each file.

I have not begun writing RC6 yet... but this is what I am planning. If anyone has any other ideas you are welcome to suggest them.

If anyone wants to make a plugin all you need to do is create your file and have it use parameters and call on other tools.

Plugins will be helpful to implement other tools while making your Multiboot disk. Like automating compiling your RunOnceEx stuff... or Integrating tools like NLite, XPize, Windows Installation Helper Utility, XPlode and many other tools. This way WinXPPP can be a center to bring all of your favorite tools together while creating your multiboot disk. Because the idea is to have everything done 100% unattended. ;)

Tools that use Unattended parameters are the easiest and cleanest to make plugins for... but any tool can have a plugin created using autoit. It's just up to the members to join in and help create them. :thumbup

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