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[Tips and Tricks] Windows XP PowerPacker


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OK... I am going to make this a sticky thread and I am going to post links in this thread that will point to other threads which contain some really cool Tips/Tricks/Tutorials on things you can do with Windows XP PowerPacker.

This thread will get updated periodically so please check it often.

Here is some code you are welcome to put in your signatures to help promote Windows XP PowerPacker.


Tips I plan on posting in the near future...

Tips and Examples of how to use Windows XP PowerPacker's many Unattended features.

Tips and Examples of how to use the Extra Batch files. (PREPACK.BAT, AFTERPACK.BAT, PREROOT.BAT and AFTERROOT.BAT.)

How to use HFSlip unattended within WinXP PP to integrate your hotfixes.

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