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Variable woes


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I am having problems trying to create variables that contain variables and text.

I am trying to create a variable #APP# that points to my applications folder, it is made up from the #SOURCEDRIVE# variable and Applications


to cut down on the old Carpel Tunnel :D , the trouble is whilst it works when running in Windows it does not work running from cmdlines or GUIRunOnce. The same is said for other variables that are created the same way, i.e #IMG# created from #XPLODE# and images


the variables inside the variables are not expanded they are used as a string, so the log file reports

Install log: Running: '#SOURCEDRIVE#\Applications\alcohol\setup.exe /verysilent'

Error during execution: File not found..

Is there a way to accomplish what I want to do?, xml and logfiles attached.


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Thanx Wraith, who knew I was using entities already with the &.

How would adding entities differ from adding elements under xplodes environment tag, it seems to me like the #SOURCEDRIVE# variable is not being expanded when it is part of a string?.

Thanx again for the help and I hope you get some chill time soon

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Well, the XML parser works through the entities before the environment variables.... so if you have an entity called &blah; pointing to "#SOURCEDRIVE#\Install", then it will definitely be used before any other environment variables are passed.

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