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i have just purchased a new mobile phone the Motorola V545, i am having a bit of trouble with the voice recorder, everytime i record my voice or a piece of music the volume is quiet, the overall volume of the phone is up fully, does anybody know how to increase the voice recording volume please !?!?!?

Thank You

Matthew Moore

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Ok if you ran experienced user

get seemplayer

and P2k manger

and there should be guides from where you get them

if not go to www.motomodders.com

Motorolas are the best phones for modding i have a V535

Seem player lets you 'Raise' the volume above it 'standards' BUT be careful with those programs they can easily F%$K up ur phone if your not careful

but you will see warnings

Also a word of warning set all you ringtones and alarms to default ringtones because it can mess around with things and stuff you ring settings up so READ everything you can before going ahead with it ok

You can skin your phone as well i have a lightning type of skin - Like Neon but blue with lightning

Hope i helped

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