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IE 7.0 and Windows Update


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I have installed IE7.0 on 2 machines. 1 is just my regular machine (laptop that just about always works fine) The other is a new install of WinXPSP2

When I go to Windows Update. the first couple parts are right but when I select custom for my installation method.. the updates show up in the left frame(as opposed to the center frame(normal))

I installed it on the second fresh install as my control factor in my testing. The same thing happens on both machines..

Is anyone else seeing this.. is this just a beta glitch..

NOTE:My updates install automatically, I am not having a problem.. just wondering if anybody else experienced the same thing with IE7 as I did.

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I have found something similar using the SUS server web interface, when I click the links in the left hand frame, it opens the pages in that frame also.

I assume that this is a bug with the beta.

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I wondered if this is a glitch at the point of installation/software - or the update site itself and its interfacing with IE7.

I rolled back to IE 6 and was able use the update again with my new Windows Genuine Advantage seal of approval lol. I was glad that it rolled back well - as I was deeply impacted by the IE4 piece of junk - in the days that unsupported betas were inflicted upon you.

I wonder if the automated updates would continue so may reinstall and wait through the second Tuesday of the month or so (August 9) to see if they come through

However, I also pondered that additional updates while using a fixed beta might be a bit destablizing?

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