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Can't log on!


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I installed Windows Vista without any problems on my Desktop.

Now I tried installing it on my Laptop, but everytime Vista boots and I try to log on it just says: "Windows Security" (title) "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted." What am I doing wrong? I didn't select a domain, nor was I able to find out how. I tried Safe Mode, and the Startup Repair program, but nothing helped. I see two accounts on startup: Administrator and Guest. I can't log-on to either. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Sounds like a DNS issue.. did you join the computer to a domain?

Have you logged onto it successfully yet?

From what I have read so far.. Vista has a few network drivers issues. Can you verify that the network is infact working?

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Yeah I am having the same problem. :(

And why the hell would it need DNS?

I'm not trying to join a domain or run as a domain controller or anything.

Well some how I doubt it's this:


Just found this so about to try:


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