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Light Blue Installation Screen

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Hi Guys,

I'm not usually the type to ask a question, but I can't figure this one out... I have customized my boot screen with pretty good success thanks to a lot of you... Here's the problem; I have a blank light blue screen that pops up for a couple of minutes before my customized boot screen kicks in... At the end of installation, it pops back up for a few moments as well... What is this and where do I go to change it... I have posted a pic of it below... I haven't seen anyone else ask this question so I'm assuming either everyone lives with it or no one else has this issue...



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I imagine it runs a lot slower in the emulator than it would in reality. The screen may display for a few minutes there, but maybe only a few seconds when really installing. But then again, given that it's an x86-on-x86 emulator it may be faster than I think. :P

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i do know whats it about, -

its the same blue thing with the default blue background at winlogon (in win2k) - try a search for custom background with winlogon, (is as simple a renaming one file to. *.bmp - modify it and renaming it.... -

good luck finding 't (cuz i forgot, WITCH )....

sorry cant help you any further...

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