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Partition a HDD with XP Pro installed


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Just about to take delivery of new lap top. :P

It has an 80gig HDD with XP Pro installed - presumably to 1 C:\ Drive.

Seeking opinions

and yes I have searched the forum and to my surprise I can't find any info :yes:

Can I use the XP Disk management feature to divide the disk up to say

C:\ drive 50gig, then a new drive, D:\ of the remaining space (just under 30gig)?

Last thing I really want to do is Fdisk the whole lot :(

if I can't, will partition magic for XP do the job?



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Just 4 days ago I did similar on a new Dell 8400 desktop with XP Pro SP2 installed.

I used BootIt NG.

Have a look at it - partitioning, imaging, and boot management. Free 30 day trial or $US35 to buy.


I've used it on many occasions for various partitioning procedures and image creation and restoration - and not had any problems.

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This worked for me when I wanted to resize a partition and install Windows XP 64bit. Plus it is handy if you ever have to deal with system crashes and booting problems. It has a Partition Magic clone. Also its completely free!

System Rescue CD

(Ignore the stuff about just being for Linux, works fine with Windows)

It's my preference, but it's your choice...

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