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  • 4 weeks later...

The Series 60 Symbian OS 7.1 does not support skinning[7650, 3600, 3650, etc].

A workaround was developed, WildSkinz, but the application (A) only skinned the menu, (B) had a 60% rate of failure with a week of installation, © was incompatable with nearly any other software installed on the same device, including games, ringtones, and other apps, and (D) used up a tremendous amount of system resources, making the device unbearably sluggish. Best thing to do is settle for a custom .midi ringtone and a .jpg desktop image.

Themes saw support in all Symbian OS 7.2 and later models, starting with the Nokia 6600. Physical RAM was doubled over previous S60 phones to compensate for higher graphical demands.

Trot over to nokiafree.org for the latest breaking info and to iphone-forum.org for software support. Free registration is offered and required to post at either, and well worth your time. B)

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