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very odd problem on XP SP2


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I am running XP SP2 final on a Toshiba Satellite notebook. It has the RTL 8139/810x Ethernet chipset and an Atheros AR5004G internal wireless card.

My problem is, when I boot up the computer, a bunch of network services don't start (DHCP Client, Server, Windows Firewall/ICS, Automatic Updates, BITS, Security Center,

etc.) Strangely Windows Audio doesn't start either. All these can be manually started, but for some reason Windows Firewall/ICS can't start and gives me an Error 5: Access is Denied. Sometimes, when I switch off the

wireless card, the computer boots normally with these services started.

I haven't done anything to my SP2, except for a termsrv.dll build 2055 I use for concurrent Remote Desktop sessions.

What is the problem? :realmad:

I especially need the Windows Firewall/ICS service to work since ICS is real important to me.

Everything was working fine under SP1... :unsure:

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So the termsrv.dll build-2055 I downloaded is screwing up my comp?


So what should I do? I need the concurrent sessions provided by that dll.

Would my problem be solved if I got a tweaked sfc_os.dll that removes

the XP OS file protection? Or do I have to get rid of my termsrv.dll tweak


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So you can log on while someone else is on it.... IE... My wife is on the computer.. i need to log in from work and get something... i can still do that withough interrupting her.

And I may be wrong but i think boooggy means by answering the question is everything worked under SP1.. meaning SP2 was the problem.

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