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[Help] - Fake windows version to SP2?


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**** to all those programs requiring SP1 or 2 at setup time. You can be sure - they will NEVER need any SP feature, never. GRRR

Alright, well, I want to install a program on my XP SP0 system that (pretends to) needs Service Pack 2. I don't want to install SP2, so I prefer to fake the windows version, if possible. I tried to simply replace version.dll but it didn't work. Anyone got an idea how to do this?

Just create a windows cd with sp2 integrated on it and install it on another hd or partition to see if it runs fine. Most service pack problems comes from upgrades and not from fresh installs. If it still gives problems then something's wrong with the sp2 drivers, just integrate bashrat the sneaky's driverpacks (you can find them on this forum) and the problem should be fixed.

Losing hours just to reverse an sp2 is completely nosense when in less than half an hour you can reinstall windows entirely.

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... well Aegis, that can be remedied by right clicking on the CurrentVersion Key and choosing security. Remove SYSTEM account, allow full access to Administrators group and allow read only to Everyone. This way the system has no right to restore the settings :)

Down side of that is, it only works for a handful of old applications as new ones seem to look elsewhere for windows version number, grrrr...

Right-click, security? I don't get any security option..

anyway, did this reg hack work in the end?

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I looked into doing this when trying to install the latest iTunes. The registry hacks do not work, as described after the reboot they get changed back. I determined that (iTunes installer at least) checked the version info in winlogon, kernel32 and another file. You'd have to reshack those files to update the SP2 version. I tried it but since my computer at home can't boot off USB (to use NTFSDOS) i didn't bother trying to do it.

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