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  1. Just curious whether this should work on chinese windows xp systems? My winnt.sif file came out like: CScript ¿ù»~: µLªk¬° Script "C:\getfiles\getkey.vbs"§ä¨ì Script ¤ÞÀº "VBScript" ¡C so am not sure whether the OEMBIOS.* files came out okay :S
  2. Windows XP SP1a ULZ

    Try my file. Place this into the WUD program folder (same folder as WUD.exe), rename the .txt to .ul and it should load it automatically. Then you can fill in your details. Remember it doesn't like blank nodes...etc windows_xp_sp1a_x86_enu.txt
  3. Windows XP SP1a ULZ

    I am using an old version WUD225B895 coz I haven't got time to update. After you open a ULZ file using WUD (the actual program exe)... then you'll find a UL file in the programs folder (wait a couple seconds).
  4. Windows XP SP1a ULZ

    I just followed your advice and read the author's thread about the UL XML schema. I then looked in C:\Program Files\Windows Updates Downloader\ folder and found no UL files. So you have to download and install a ULZ. Just go to the ULZ download page and download & open USING WUD. It will decompress the UL to C:\Program Files\Windows Updates Downloader\ folder. It's just a basic XML file.
  5. Windows XP SP1a ULZ

    Currently am building the SP1a post update list. It's massive so probably do ten updates per day, etc. Do we have to follow the same categories as jcarle? I just want to use Microsoft's Windows Update categories: High Priority, Software, Optional, etc. Once made I guess I could submit to jcarle and hopefully he can put it up on his website. The good thing is that it'll never ever need updating coz of end-of-life. But some people out there might still be using SP1a (like myself). Do you know if it's easy to write converters (or maybe there already exists converters) to convert from jcarle's WUD to other's like AutoPatcher, ctupdate, etc.
  6. Windows XP SP1a ULZ

    Oh, I can download a ulz and it decompress to C:\Program Files\Windows Updates Downloader as a ul text xml file. That's so much better. I was trying to open the ulz file and it was garbage. Yep thanks man.
  7. Windows XP SP1a ULZ

    Is this project dead?
  8. Windows XP SP1a ULZ

    How can I make an update file list for Windows XP SP1a, all possible updates without going into SP2 or IE7 or WMP 9/10/11? ------------------- I have created a Windows XP SP1a (x86) ENU file for download. This seems to be the last never to be updated list ever. This is useful for people who wish to install SP1a XP on an old laptop or PC where SP2 would slow the performance of their machine tremendously. My next working list will be for Windows XP Vanilla (before SP1). Again, this is useful for old PCs & laptops that are too slow to run SP2. PS: I wasn't allowed to upload *.ul files so I 7-Zipped it (http://www.7-zip.org/). PSS: 1. Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830) 2. Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications 3. DirectX 4. (3 other cannot finds in optional) Keeps on being updated (URL broken) so might be better to remove from update list. windows_xp_sp1a_x86_enu.7z
  9. HELP: XP drivers not installing woes... :S

    Yes, this only works on SOME device drivers (like the sound card)... but my integrated webcam isn't happy. I already removed a line from the installer's ini file which specifies for at least SP2. I get an error when trying to install. I tried the search on the inf folder but it still won't find it. So I forced it to take the web cam driver (one of them... coz there's like oem002, oem 004, folders).. and it gave me a BSOD. Luckily XP rebooted back to normal fine.
  10. HELP: XP drivers not installing woes... :S

    YAHOOOO!!! I can't believe it worked! First I couldn't update the PCI Device in Other Devices category in Device Manager. I thought it was the audio card. Then I noticed unknown device listed in the System Devices, so I thought to Update Driver pointing it to the audio drivers (that won't install). To my surprise it was the UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio??? As soon as this was installed, dozens of PCI Device's popped up, like modem and sound card. So I update driver on the sound pci device and wola! it worked! am so happy!!! Now, all I need now is to get my integrated Dell web cam working...
  11. [Help] - Fake windows version to SP2?

    Right-click, security? I don't get any security option.. anyway, did this reg hack work in the end?
  12. Is there anyone really good with knowing the technical side of Windows XP drivers? I have a Dell Vostro 1400 laptop that comes with Windows XP/Vista drivers. I reformated and installed Windows XP SP1a because I want to use SP1a for experimental/development purposes. However, the Dell / Creative Labs Laptop Integrated Webcam & SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio drivers will not install because it says wrong OS. These are the Windows XP drivers but they refuse to install. I believe it's because it has been programmed to detect SP2 or higher and nothing else. I believe these drivers will work on any XP service pack regardless of version. It's just that Creative Labs & SIGMATEL has programmed their installation to detect SP2 and upwards. Does anyone know how I can change this or force the drivers to install? My Dell drivers: http://support.euro.dell.com/support/downl...-1&impid=-1 http://support.euro.dell.com/support/downl...-1&impid=-1
  13. HELP: User Profile Path

    I did a search on http://support.microsoft.com/ for "Windows XP User Profile". Some interesting ones are http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307800 & http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811151/ . I tried the User Profile Path (1st link) for this is what I get: "Windows did not load your roaming profile and is attempting to log you on with your local profile. Changes to the profile will not be copied to the server when you logoff. Windows did not load your profile because a server copy of the profile folder already exists that does not have the correct security. Either the current user or the Administrator's group must be the owner of the folder. Contact your network administrator." "Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off."
  14. HELP: User Profile Path

    I should've used the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard.. but it's too late now. I already copied my old PC entire harddrive and then wiped it clean. So am wondering is it possible to export/migrate these old PC user profiles into my new PC? I believe things like Outlook Express, MSN Messenger, and many other Microsoft programs uses GUIDs or security IDs... and the files are encrypted or cannot be opened unless it matches the user account's security ID.
  15. HELP: User Profile Path

    In Computer Management, Local Users & Groups, in the Profile TAB we can set: - User Profile Path - Home Folder Local Path Am wondering does anyone know how to use these? I copied my entire HARD DISK contents (via BartPE so I get full unlimited access) to a remote PC. I then fresh reinstalled Windows XP SP2 on my PC as well as creating a second partition for personal data files. Then I copied backed up "C:\Document and Settings\" entire folder from the remote PC to my second partition data drive. I have 3 user accounts to setup. I understand & know how to redirect My Documents folder (via right-click properties). But am interested in actually setting - User Profile Path - Home Folder Local Path - but don't know how to use them.