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Need To Replace This Motherboard , Any Suggestions

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I currently have a Motherboard that is 2 years old , Based off the 865g chipset , Well the darn thing doesnt have Raid , and now i need PATA Raid

The Raid Cards seem to start off at $50 , So i am stuck between buying a $50 raid card , or possibly replacing this motherboard with a board from around the same time that has Raid

Any Ideas ? Suggestions

i have a 3.0 Pentium 4 HT , with corsair pc3200

Motherboard to be Replaced Below

My Motherboard

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if you need PATA Raid, i would recommend you to grab a Adaptec 2400. It's a reliable thing, has cache on board and support's all common raid levels.

Bye, Egon

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Get the RAID controller. You will be hard pressed to find an older board that will be reliable.

Check eBay, you should be able to get a Promise RAID controller for about $30

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