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how do i?

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ok do you want to run your apps from the cd or have the carried over to instal from the pc ?


if your going to run it off the cd id put the wpi.cmd file in your system32 folder so its carried over to the pc and call to it from inside your winnt.sif file like this


now if your going to have your files carried over from the cd to te pc for your instal id say have your files in the instal directory like this $OEM$\$1\Install and then call to your wpi.cmd file like this


hope those examples help you out

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i prefer to run my instal off the disk because its faster because files arnt carried over to the pc then installed ,, the progs are installed off the disk,,

if you like that use this method


and i think astalivista has a easy thread to run wpi off cd,,

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I do the same,

call wpi from winnt.sif, though it is copied to an install folder on c: first

and install apps from the cd including cleanup command which is the last to remove un-needed shortcuts and files

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k so ur saying that my unattended xp will install and then as soon as thats done WPI will run from the same cd?

yes if its set up right

id say put the wpi folder in the root of your cd, place the wpi.cmd in your system32 folder and call it the way i mentioned...

note--- make sure in your wpi to call your progras from the %CDROM% instead of %systemdrive% if you want them to instal off the cd

also to make sure your programs arnt copied over to the pc at the beginning of the setup process, place your programs in the root of your cd,,,

example %CDROM%\Programs

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