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XPlode 5.0 Feature Requests


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Here's your chance to get features added to XPlode 5.0.

The current list:

  • Conditional execution (simple text-based equality checking only, added to XPlode 4.3, unrestricted only)
  • Extra conditional operators: >, >=, <, <=, !=, instr, !instr (all but str added to XPlode 4.3)
  • Add conditional support to <include> (added to XPlode 4.3)
  • Multi-tiered items (aka command grouping)
  • Icons for shortcuts (added to XPlode 4.3)
  • Change working directory for execute tag (added to XPlode 4.3)
  • Shortcuts need to create their parent directories (added to XPlode 4.3)
  • Sleep function (added to XPlode 4.3)
  • Shutdown tag

The list might not look too big at the moment, but there are some very major code changes going on behind the scenes - because of the lack of extensibility of the present codebase, 90% of it will need to be rewritten from scratch.

So you people have a week or two to figure out what you might need for XPlode 5.0.

Any topics posted below will be checked, relevant suggestions added, and deleted.

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