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You can use nLite to set up the Unattended portion of your XP install. But for a first step and the purpose of knowing what's going on, follow the Unattended guide and make the answer file yourself. It's not that hard and should only take you 20 mins.

It seems to me like you're looking for an "easy way out" for Unattended installs... this isn't quite how things work, especially for the first time. There are some people who have been working on their Unattended installs for years and have kept on improving upon them and adding to them. They all started with the basics however...

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He found it. Replying in my forum's. Its much easier to use this than doing years of work cause i been doing this app for 2 years nearly. It is for the easy way out and people been doing it a long time cause it has so much. nLite is not allway's the answer since it's major thing is removing. It can be used with my app though.

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Well I definitely want your feedback, mine does a lot as does nLite, ? is where and which to use. Mine will copy CD, integrate the hotfixes as well as SP2 and add RyanVM and slipstream XPize. I'd like for you to do some testing and tell me at what point to stop either.

My Guidelines now are run mine to copy CD

You then have choice of nLite the Hotfixes and other stuff and then start mine again to add ALL your other stuff.

Or either slip SP2, Hotfixes XPize with mine then nLite it.

I don't use nLite cause what I have removes what i want removed. simple as that. I don't need CD reduction cause I'm either going to DVD or using a second partition or drive for my 3 GB Install folder.

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Hey maxXPsoft!

I just made a quick test and test it with vmware and I must say you do a really nice job with this latest version :thumbup

When you start with this program I almost start to use it on beginning and we have a lot of conversation what,when,where........but you know this

:P and now I can only say,really good work,maybae the program is a little difficult for beginners,but wit some try you can understand it.I have only one small reuqest on winnt.sif.Can you add.like in windows install;language,time zone...to have options to choose,becouse most of us don't know it..... :rolleyes:

take care!

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