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Okay, here is my problem. I have 2 routers but only 1 network. I come out of my cable modem into a wired Linksys RT31P2 router. I have VoIP as my primary phone line so I have to use the router. The router has a 3 port switch built in. From 1 of the ports I go to a computer that I have setup in a bedroom. Out of another port I go to a D-Link DI-524 wireless router. That router controls 3 other PC's including a laptop.

The Linksys router gives out 192.168.15.xxx addresses and the D-Link gives out 192.168.0.xxx addresses. My problem is I can see the 192.168.15.xxx network from the 192.168.0.xxx network but not vise versa.

I have changed the IP of the Linksys to be a 192.168.0.xxx number and hand out a different range of IP's than the D-Link but when I do that no computer that connects to the D-Link can access the internet after that. The only way I can get the internet to work is to have the Linksys on a different IP from the D-Link.

My question is how can I set it up to be a virtually seamless home P2P network. I am not sure if I have to setup some sort to DNS that has forward and reverse lookups, for it to work, or not. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

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You are correct, but the only problem is that the computers connected to the D-Link will not receive an IP from the Linksys.

I actually need to appologize because I found the answer to my problem using Google. I only skimmed it before making this post and really didn't use good search criteria the first time.

What I had to do was make my DI-524 into a bridge. I had to remove the cable from WAN port and connect it to a LAN port. Disable DHCP on the DI-524, Then, just statically assign an IP in the range that the Linksys router was giving out. From there it became a bridge and all of the computers connected to it could get an IP from the Linksys.

Sorry for the premature post but maybe someone will learn from my experiences.


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