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Sharing a printer on my network

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I need some help getting all my computers to print. I have a firewall router with 3 PCs and a print server connected to it. My 2 desktops are connected and print fine. My laptop is my company's and I login to their domain via VPN. I can ping the router from the laptop and I can see the print server from the router. I can't print from the laptop. What settings can I change that would let me print from all 3 PCs? Or since I'm logged in to 2 different domains am I SOL? I can't put my desktops on the company's domain.

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so you want to print to your printer whilst also logged into your companies domain? I presume you must login off thier network sometimes when at home. Does it let you login even if the domain is unavailable?

Do your company give you an option lo log in locally on the laptop? You menion 2 domains - do you have a server or do you mean workgroup? Do you have permission/s to take the laptop off the domain temporarily whilst at home?

so many questions ;)

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I am going to make a few assumptions here so if they are incorrect then please excuse me. I assume XP Pro on the laptop and that you basically want to use the company laptop at home to print to your printer at home.

First when you log in, and even though you have to put in a domain name to log in you are not actually loggin into your work domain. There is no domain controller to authenticate you logon. Therefore, provided you have a profile setup on the laptop you can logon. Hopefully, your profile for the laptop has admin priviledges. That being said you should just be able to add your printer just like you did with your other computers. If you have other work printers set up they will probably be grayed out. Your hope printer should show up normally. The opposite will be true when you are at work. You probably don't connect to your VPN until you are already logged in.

If I am off then please provide some more information about your home network.

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