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Is "VizAWeb" any good?


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First, I just wanted to say;

I am not trying to advertise these web address or any related selling to them.

This is the web server I am interested in:


Ever hear of it or use thier services? Know anyone that has/does?

I heard of the web server through Leo , he talked about it on his radio show via his website.

Anyway VizAWeb offers different amounts of storage space and bandwidth for a very low price, so low it makes you wonder????

My current website, (click here) is lame to say the least, but lator on when I finish it and I add much more stuff including videos, chat message/guest book, legal applications and freeware software, I will need the extra space and fast bandwith to say the least.

Also I would like to have a members sign up area that has security features to keep unwanted visitors/hackers/freeloaders off the website; like posting stupid stuff and stealing bandwith.

I need a web server thats could support these things.

Does anyone have or know a good web server that could do what I am asking? Most of the time you get what you pay for, so I don't mind paying more for something better.

I was thinking of getting anywhere from about 2GB to 5GB of storage space, and about 100GB to 180GB of monthly bandwidth. I think that would fit my needs.

Also: I need a domian name, like www.blam-o.*** or something else I like that is available.

Anyone have any suggestions for any of the above? I would really appreciate some/any advice.

Thanks for your time. B)

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Canaca Check this hosting site out. This is who I use and have been very happy with.

Bronze: 3.95$

10,000 MB storage space

200 GB file transfer

Free Web site Templates

Silver: 7.95$

20,000 MB storage space

400 GB file transfer

Free Web site Templates

Gold: 16.95$

30,000 MB storage space

600 GB file transfer

Free Web site Templates

The more months you aggree to buy the better deal you get.

http://canaca.com/virtual.html There is a chart at the bottom of that page that shows u what im talking about.

Oh. and for the company you posted above. Never heard of them. :P

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speed...no...i max my net out at like 750kb/s download....and they have few downtimes....the last one i can think of is 2-3 weeks ago...they were down for like 20min...becuz they were upgrading the servers...

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